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Vital Readjustment






Vital Readjustment (RV)

is a tool for deepening in the field of expression and body language, in a creative way.


We present a six-month training designed to expand experiential resources based on practice, so that they can be applied as tools in different disciplines like psychology, education, pedagogy, Gestalt and Yoga. The course is also for people who want a change in their personal and professional approach.


The agenda is divided into six modules with a multitude of practical experiences linked by a backbone, the chakras. The chakras, studied for centuries by Eastern tradition, are energy centers of the human body and are articulated in an integrated whole. So the agenda will give us practical resources recreating a vital route for each one of our energy centers.


The methodology used in RV has an holistic view of the human being, it includes the relation with one self, with the other beings, with the world and with the universe.


Through  listening carefully to the sensitive body, forgotten strata that remain in our unconscious are released, rehabilitated and integrated,  allowing us to access a non mental "information" which help us to accept and fit the flow of life, getting rid of the old schemes and opening us to receive the new.


In a broad sense, RV has to do with the adaptability to change, and our ability to integrate it. Music will be used to evoke, invoke and cause movements that will link us to the organic, restoring the connection to what is essential.



Professionals of different disciplines, like psychologists, educators, and yoga, or gestalt  teachers.

As well as for people who want a change in their personal and professional approach.



MODULES AGENDA First Module 1st and 2nd Chakra "Embodiment" and "Creative Spreading of the self" The 1st Chakra Radical "Instinctive vital energy source that keeps us alive" Dances to connect with Earth. Rescuing tribal memory Materialize our "Existential project" The 2nd Chakra Sexuality: "The perpetual act of creation" Dances to connect with the source of pleasure Yin Yang Dances Opposite complementary Dances Second Module "Music that evoke , invoke and provoke" The act of writing music, music not as an object but as action. Everything is vibration Distinction of music with organic and applicable attributes. Third Module 3rd Chakra "Shaping the self " and “surrendering the self " The 3rd Chakra "Strength, identity and power” Identity Dances Personal power Dances Dances to distinguish between strength and armors The 4th Chakra “The chakra that binds higher and lower centers” Dances to open and balance heart center Alchemical Dances Dances to integrate the opposites Paintin











 Fourth Module the 5th Chakra "Resonance with the self" Working with the voice Active work on breathing Recognizing and releasing tension in the throat area Singing and speaking as a tool to connect with emotions Communication and projection through the voice Fifth Module 6th Chakra "Knowledge of Being" and 7th Chakra "Transcendence, expansion of consciousness " Pure Being " 6th Chakra (Experiential and class structure) Dances Display Fluidity, Eutony paintings 7th Chakra meditation Dances Danzas Sufi Trance Sixth Module (Experiential and class structure) Class structure, demonstrations. Delivery certificates Attached information: For those participants who wish to pursue Vital Readjustment it is recommended 4 to 6 modules deepening of one day each, at low cost, although it is not mandatory. 6 free supervisions (Dates and times to be arranged)





The six training modules will last  six months and will be held consecutively, eg: from October to March.

It includes: 16GB pendriver information and music. PDF Booklets

(Food and accommodation are not included)

Location: RV  Sofia Machta, Jávea - Alicante - Spain

Schedule: Saturday from 10:30 am to 14pm and 17:30 to 21. Sunday from 10:30 to 14h.

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Tel: (0034) 650 652 403


Sofia Machta Sabbagh

Multidisciplinary body therapist

Mei Therapist (Music and unconscious) of  "Societat de Ethnopsicología aplicada i estudis cognitius" taught by Dr. Joseph Fericgla.

Sofia Machta Sabbagh, in her twenty years as a therapist, she has received further training in Afro-Brazilian Dance - Yoruba Orishas and she is specialized in Trance Techniques.

She considers that her  biggest "Vital Readjustment" took place through her experience, living three years in the Tucuman forest, which meant a quantum leap in her human development. From there, she experienced shamanic dance fusion with the chakras, living the attributes of music: rhythm, fluency, melody and harmony as a vital insight experience. This deep personal experience has allowed her to develop her own methodology to transmit her knowledge of  "RV" based on testing results through her career. Therefore, she wants to share her knowledge with other Health and Education professionals, who wish to integrate body techniques in their respective disciplines. As well as for people who want a change in their personal and professional approach.


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